Were back!!
This year's International Photography Conference which was held in Palmela Portugal was huge success on many levels. Everyone who participated from vendors to speakers to attendees were all impressed with all that went into the organizing of the event. Carlos and Sandra along with many other event organizers went far beyond what anyone could have imagined to make this a memorable festival.
From sleeping in Castles to touring ancient monasteries few have had privilege of seeing. From touring the country side in beautiful air conditioned luxury charter buses to wine tasting at some of Portugal's premiere wineries. These were definitely some of the ooh's and ah's of the trip.
And then we have the conference and exhibitions themselves. Hundreds of prints were done up and placed into exhibitions around town including one massive gigapixel print taken by Henry Stuart and printed by Carlos that measured approx 70' ft x 8' ft (22 x 2.2meters).
We had many speakers that allowed to see what is forefront in the industry while learning tips and tricks from the world's best - information overload was beginning to set in.
And for Nodal Ninja the event was also big success. We sold out of many products even before the event officially started. Mauro (Italy), Vincèn (France), and Andrew (UK) were our 3 resellers that headed up the vendors booth and all 3 were kept extremely busy during the entire event. There was never a moment when the booth was silent even down to packing up to leave people were wanting to see stuff.
In total we had five resellers in attendance and including 3 of us from the US a total of 8 were representing Nodal Ninja. We want to give special thanks to Mauro, Vincèn and Andrew for all the hard work they put into handling the vendors booth.

Here are a few photos:

Mauro (reseller Italy) - Vincèn (reseller France) - Bill (me -USA) - Andrew (reseller UK)

Zepedro (reseller Brazil)

Ayrton (reseller Brazil)

Fanotec Poles in action - they were everywhere

Sam - Omar - Carlos - Don

Thomas (Gardengnome) - Alexandre (Kolor) - Bill (Nodal Ninja) - Joe (Easypano)

Preparing for "another" group shot

The Nodal Ninja 3 table booth - a constant draw for crowds


Cliff side photo op's (Ayrton in front)

Pat Swovelin shooting aerial with Fantoec Pole


Sorry Vincèn but we must all go home now

Small group shot from ocean cliffs

for more photos see: https://bitly.com/