HI guys... Im putting together a proposal for work to do some panoramas. We've got a Canon 5D MkII body and a 24-70 EF L series lens, and I'm having a hard time deciding if the NN4 or the M1L is the way to go...

I like the idea of a few accessories as well- specifically the arca plate and quick release, and the Nadir adapter. Looks like the Nadir adapter would be compatible with the NN4 only..

any suggestions for the ultimate pano head setup for a Canon 5D MkII/ 24-70mm combo would be really appreciated! Pretend you could just put together a christmas wishlist of nodal ninja products

In my personal time, Im a NN3 user and I absolutely love the product. so, I'd really love to stick with NN for this work proposal.. Any help would be really appreciated! I'd love to get the proposal in and get approval as soon as possible :)