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    Beautiful place indeed.
    about milkyway, what is the exposure setting, I find it a bit noisy. Maybe you can stack many shorter exposures to reduce the noise.


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    Interesting subjects for panoramas - it's good to be transported to unfamiliar places. I'd love to see a clear starry sky like that. We rarely see much more than the brightest stars of the constellations here. The other two panoramas look somewhat over colourful to my eyes - maybe the result of HDR processing or maybe they really are true to life. The mirror ball in the sunrise one has an impossible reflection: the zenith ought to be in the middle of the circular image. The cactus panorama has double images at some seams that may be caused by the waving of branches in windy conditions rather than parallax. It should be easy to eliminate those with masks or possibly by using Smartblend.


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