Help needed about tripods and center columns, please send IM
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Thread: Help needed about tripods and center columns, please send IM


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  1. Help needed about tripods and center columns, please send IM

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    Hi NN friends,

    I am talking about the R1/R10 new Zenith Nadir Adapter.

    To reset the camera back to NPP, besides other things, you have to raise the center column to bring the camera to old NPP height because the camera will turn aside in a lower position being ready for Zenith shot.

    Nick decided to make rings being placed to the center column to get a fixed and easy to use repeatable NPP position in height.

    As you know, everyone may use different tripods, with center columns of different diameters. As usual, no infos available from Producers.

    I have sent several requests to Manfrotto/Gitzo EU Group being official distributors, after some mails, I got a response.

    They have to ask Gitzo themselves because they have no data, they offer to measure Manfrotto themselves. "What sort of center column are you interested in?", though I asked for measurements of all available center columns.

    I know there was a long list of tripod we use, but let us update this database.

    My goal is to send infos to Nick about different center columns and its diameters of different branches tripods so that everybody gets the right rings for his own center column.

    I feel it is the best way to send this via IM to me to keep the forum free of lot's of infos.

    Nick is busy with all the new products, so using this way we can give him a helping hand, at least this will turn us to happy NN customers.

    May be you could send model number, branch, and diameter of center column as well. This would help a lot.

    NN and Fanotec are small companies spending a lot of respect and help to their customers. So let us return their inputs, add help for "Add On's"

    Thx in advance,
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