Nadir adapter for NN3 availability.
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Thread: Nadir adapter for NN3 availability.

  1. Nadir adapter for NN3 availability.


    Hello, I bought the NN3 starter kit awhile ago, and now, I'm thinking about getting the nadir adapter for it. But I've noticed that its unavailable at amazon and at the nodal ninja store. But the NN4 version looks like it is in stock, and its in the NN3 accessories section. Will this work on a NN3? If not, when will the NN3 version be available on amazon or at the nodal ninja store? Also, the NN3 adapter page doesn't seem like its been updated in awhile as it says, "Est. ship date Apr 19".

    Thanks, -Ian
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    NN3/NN4/NN5 share the same adapter.
    maybe just the NN3 listing needs updating.


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    NN3 NN5 need updating "estm ship date 16th April", "NN4" Nadir adapter is in stock.

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    Hey, thanks for the info, I guess I'll order the NN4 adapter then. Now, if only they had it available on amazon, but I guess its not a big deal.

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