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  1. I finally have a pano portfolio


    I finally had a chance to re-edit some skyline panos. I am particularly pleased with the second Buckhead image is being enlarged to 48", and I'm interested to see how it holds together. I now have enough images (barely) for a portfolio.

    I'm beginning to figure out the software part of it and have just ordered Nodal Ninja's Ultimate M1-L with a rotator, so when it comes in camera stability should be much better.

    I just secured what should be a real nice location for an I-75/85, midtown, downtown and Atlantic Station shot. Have to wait until the head comes in and the weather is good.

    Check out http://carrollmorganphoto.com/portfo...s-and-skylines. I look forward to your input.

    Carroll Morgan
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    You asked me why I dared to say you are far beyond normal panographers. The results in your portfolio with just "a few shots" with the new NN Equipment. This is telling it's own story, dealing with strong winds, rent a NN panohead, no question about LRS and URS settings, change the pano to only a few hints: When I right now follow my eyes on Cambridge Professional Group, I first of all read the logo, and then I move around, background aside of the "green Wall" does not take my eyes attention, exposure is nicely changed to follow the whole pano. And you have changed the background, adding some people to get my eyes to look to the background as well as a follow up to the first impression.

    You succeeded to get attraction to the logo. Fitting WB, did you add a foil to adapt WB to the extra flash to your flash? Panographers don't know how. You explained to use an extra flash light with a foil attached. You mentioned to try to use WB bracketing in panos, switching on and off different sources of light, the explanation how you changed the input of windows being exposed to daylight and how you tried to adapt this to the WB of the "whole pano", and besides all, I did not get the feeling you are the "one and only" to do it in the right way. You know what you are doing and share this with others. Sharing all you workflow infos, just from deep inside, Carroll, this is why I said you are far beyond the normal Panographer. I followed different forums since 2008.

    Right now I feel happy to find someone who likes to share his experience to us without the need to present himself as the "One and Only".

    Carroll, I personally feel you know what you are talking about. This is a great addition to the forum. With a lot of basic experience.

    "Far beyond the normal panographer " is based on comparison to a lot of inputs of our friends on different forums I followed, no portfolio taking "some shots" like yours.

    Thx for sharing,
    kind regards,
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    Sorry this is a late reply. Our dog of 10 years is failing from congestive heart failure, and we are spending a lot of time with him while we can.

    Thank you for the suggestions on the Cambridge shots. They were very helpful. My client decided to add the people, which balanced the shot nicely. Yes I gelled (foiled) the strobe to ~3,200K but should have added some green also, as I had a magenta cast to the highlight. I also masked the letters and increased exposure and contrast.

    Thank you for the kind words. You know I feel the same about your willingness to share. I look forward to a great forum relationship. BTW, I spoke with Joergen Geerds Sunday night for some time. I had questions about both technique and pricing/licensing. He gave me some good suggestions.

    Thank you,
    Carroll Morgan

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