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    Hi Heinz... I have my URS set at 83 on the increment shown on my QRS... By the way, what does URS mean..? I am using the Arca Style Quick Release System ASQRS2 ... I worked my settings from this web link...

    My Tripod mount height (H) is 42.8 mm - The QRS is 22mm wide from camera face to top rail face... The distance down from the face of the upper rail to the end of the Nadir Attachment is 2 mm.. To be honest, I don't see why they are not in line with each other.. Anyway... That adds up to 66.8 - I tried that and it was ok'ish.. but when I put the pano into ptp and looked at the Nadir... I have three logo... I am taking my images at 60 degrees.. I have always done it like that... I had better results with the lens set much more forward... Not sure what is wrong.... If I put the images into PTGui it says errors...

    What do yo suggest I try now...

    PS... I tried two rows of 2 with Zenith, first row with the tripod head in the frame is 30 degrees the second set at 30 up...
    I then tried 30 down, 45 up with a Zenith and then
    30 down 30 up with no zenith which is better... I have mostly done it this way... but with the lens set much more forward....

    The image below is my logo.. not looking good...


    Quote Originally Posted by hindenhaag View Post

    what quick release system do you use?

    URS should be 83. Lower rails depends on the clamp.

    Check www.easypano.... and www.Johnhpanos in my thread below to find the NPP. Once you have it, it does not matter how much you pitch up or down, you always move in NPP.

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