Iíve just purchased the nadir adapter and have been testing it with my hardware, the NN3, supplied camera mounting plate, Nikon D5000 and Samyang 8mm.

So far I havenít been able to cover the nadir in a single shot. The adapter doesnít offset the camera far enough to avoid the tripod legs in the down view.


Iíve been moving the nadir adapter to the end of the NN3 lower rail when taking the outward-swiveled shot.

Iíve tried to reduce the spread of the tripod legs but this leaves the whole rig is too unstable. The legs are now in the narrowest lock position for this tripod.

I can take two shots from the nadir adapter by moving it to the opposite side of the nadir. However, this needs more floor space, is more prone to error, takes more time to shoot and more time to process.

For most floors, I could just patch over the spot but it would be nice to be able to have a no-fuss one-step nadir.

Is anyone else using a similar setup? Any suggestions?