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    Iíve just purchased the nadir adapter and have been testing it with my hardware, the NN3, supplied camera mounting plate, Nikon D5000 and Samyang 8mm.

    So far I havenít been able to cover the nadir in a single shot. The adapter doesnít offset the camera far enough to avoid the tripod legs in the down view.

    Iíve been moving the nadir adapter to the end of the NN3 lower rail when taking the outward-swiveled shot.

    Iíve tried to reduce the spread of the tripod legs but this leaves the whole rig is too unstable. The legs are now in the narrowest lock position for this tripod.

    I can take two shots from the nadir adapter by moving it to the opposite side of the nadir. However, this needs more floor space, is more prone to error, takes more time to shoot and more time to process.

    For most floors, I could just patch over the spot but it would be nice to be able to have a no-fuss one-step nadir.

    Is anyone else using a similar setup? Any suggestions?

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    you can move the tripod further away when using the nadir adapter (outward-swiveled shot), then use view-point correction in ptgui to stitch the nadir shots.
    instead of reducing the spread of legs, you can try raising the center column a bit.


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    Nick, thanks for the suggestions. I tried the higher center column. It helped a bit, but I had some new errors because the tripod legs were too close together. With a higher column, the whole setup is a little more prone to tilting off level.

    As for taking an angled shot and using viewpoint correction, I can do that without a nadir adapter. I bought the nadir adapter to avoid having to use that option.

    It looks to me like the nadir adapter would work better on the NN5 and larger brackets where there is more horizontal distance between the tripod center and lens. On my NN3 rig, itís a bit too tight a fit.

    Heinz, I wasnít able to view or download your TIFF file. If youíd post a JPEG, it could be viewed in a browser.

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    Heinz is not suggesting taking an angled shot. Just slide the tripod over and take your patch shot. No need to bring your tripod legs in. You are aware that turning on viewpoint correction is as simple as placing one check mark in one box. I turn it on for all my panoramas no matter how the nadir patch shot was taken. Not having your setup I cannot comment on the triod leg clearance.

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    DennisS already explained it. Just take the two nadir shots. In PTGuiPro >advanced, >optimizer, >advanced, >click viewpoint. Can you open it? Sorry but my attachment map on NN is full and I can not delete them. Does not work on my mac. Anybody with the same problem?

    Actually this is an example of NN5. I just left my tripod legs as they are. The only thing that is important, is that the corner of the adapter of N2 is free from the tip of the third leg from N1. And that there is room between the two legs to leg number 3.

    I will try to check it on NN3 MKII tomorrow.

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    Heinz, I'm able to see your JPEG image. Thanks for that.

    Okay, Iím not sure Iím understanding you guys ó or maybe youíre not understanding me.

    Hereís what I get when I take both shots pointing straight down.

    For the adapter shot, I slide the NN adapter to the end of the NN3 lower rail, pivot the adapter 180˚, lock it and shoot straight down.

    Iím trying to avoid having to patch the small overlap at the tip of the tripod leg.


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