Hi all,

First post here and have only shot a few cityscape panos, but I'm hooked. It seems I like sunset shots from pretty extreme locations. I rented a NN5 from BorrowLenses but it came in with some pieces missing, so I had to rig it to work. I'm not sure I got a true evaluation of its stability. The shots turned out well (http://carrollmorganphoto.com/category/skylines/) but I was very concerned about the wind shake in spite of weighting down the tripod and blocking the camera with my body.

It seems like the Ultimate M1-L might be more solid, and I like the Arca Swiss mounting. I understand there is another Ultimate in the works...is that even sturdier?

I have a shoot this week, and rather than rent again I would rather purchase. I shoot Nikon D3s with 14-24 and 70-200. Is it possible to purchase something that will work by Thursday? Obviously, I need input on what to buy.


Carroll Morgan
Atlanta, GA
http://carrollmorganphoto.com (blog)