Galleries of panoramas shot on Fanotec poles
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Thread: Galleries of panoramas shot on Fanotec poles

  1. Giraffe



    I hope you enjoy it :>)

    Piotrowski Radek -

    Autoryzowany Reseler Nodal Ninja w Polsce .
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    Hello Piotrowski,

    It is almost a contest for "the highest view", and the winner is...
    I think the giraffe ;-)

    I really like to see your panorama but please include the specs of the shoot, what camera did you use, what lens, tilt, number of shots, footplate, rotator, etc. etc.

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    I used the following hardware : Fanotec Pole 2 , Nodal Ninja Ultimate R1 , Nikon D700 with Tokina 10-17 lens . 6 shots with + 5 degrees .

    Note that there is another panorama showing "how it was done" :>)


    Piotrowski Radek -

    Autoryzowany Reseler Nodal Ninja w Polsce .
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    This is my try:

    Gdynia - wooden pier / pole panorama

    Camera: Samsung GX-20
    Lens: Samyang 8mm at f/8
    Pole: Fanotec Pole 2
    Head: Nodal Ninja 4
    Stitching Software: PTGui
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    Hello Grzegorz (that is your name right?),

    Your pano gives a license error message and redirects to the KRPano website so it can't be viewed, perhaps you can fix this.

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    Hello everyone,
    One of my recent panos:,foto.html

    Fanotec Pole 2 complete, Ultimate R1,
    Canon EOS 6D with Canon EF 8-15/4 fisheye at 12mm, 7.5° uptilt, four shots around
    stitched with Hugin (nadir hole patched with the help of Pano2VR)
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    Fursty Airbase Gate Guards: (Canon 500D, R1, Custom Fiberglass Pole 5.5m, handheld)
    Munich Karls Place Ice Skating Arena: (5DMkIII, R1, Custom Carbon Pole 6.4m, handheld)

    Hope you like the pictures :-)

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