I chose the NN5 mainly due to the tables of nodal points that NN provide. The one for the Sigma 8mm is spot on perfect. With the 16-35L the supplied figures were out (they don't say which focal length they are for anyway) and using both the methods described here (http://www.johnhpanos.com/epcalib.htm) I found it to be 128mm on the top rail, 10mm more than in the NN table.

Problem is that I can't get a good stitch using either Autopano or PTGui, they both come up with the same alignment problem in the same place with a very near object alignment with a far object and nothing I can do with the software makes any difference (I know AP very well).

The same panorama in exactly the same spot is perfect using the fisheye. I've spent 7 hours already trying different configurations, etc but not getting anywhere. I had assumed that with the correct nodal point having very near/far objects would be irrelevant, it's why I bought the NN5, Can anyone help me?