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  1. Starting from scratch - what to buy?


    Hello all,

    I have been shooting panos for about a year and the results have been good, but I am always looking to better my processes and have heard a lot about NN. I am considering buying and wanted some thoughts from and your experience for what is best for me. Here is my criteria:

    * I currently shoot with a Canon 7D, primarily with an 8mm Samyang fisheye lens. I have a Manfrotto tripod that a buddy of mine let me borrowed. I'm not even sure what model it is, but its heavy enough to be used with a video camera

    * I am looking to add the capability of shooting with photography poles in conjunction with a tripod

    * I am not looking for the cheapest solution, I am looking for the best that will make post-production as easy as possible.

    What kind of NN do I need? Leveler? Anything else? I saw a post on tripods already in this forum and know fanotec does not sell them, but am thinking I need another one if anyone has any further thoughts.

    I greatly appreciate anyone sharing your ideas. Thanks.
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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    Not an easy question, cause there are a lot possibilities in the whole NN system.

    Let me try to cut it short. 7D with 820g without battery is on the heavier site of camera bodies. If you use heavier lenses in the future, NN3 MKII won't stand it. My recommendation: a irregular NN5/RD16 or the new M1 system. Right now I would go for a NN5 RD16, the rotator is compatible to the new Modular system if you want to change later on because of big boy lenses. You can buy it without rotator.

    If you go for NN5 I would add a Ez-LevellerII and the NN Nadir Adaptor.

    Now Pole Panos: Get an R1/R10 with RD4 Rotator. Take it apart, use the top of R1/R10 on top of Pole with Quick Mount Mini System, set the pole on top of RD4 with NN Arca style plate or System fixed below the RD4 Rotator on top of a Tripod/Monopod. Pros: Quick release on top of pole with complete lens ring R1 camera mounted system, very easy when your camera comes down by closing the pole segments. Not so easy to off the lens ring with camera from the R1 clamp. Specially on a monopod. Plus using the pole on top of a monopod or tripod above your head in a height you can safely reach with your arms.

    If you like to use the new poles with the new footplate and one of the new rotator specially developed for safe use ( Dust ) close to the ground, you should get the footplate, a new "low bottom rotator" and the R1/R10 top without rotator with the pole in between.

    My conclusion: NN5 RD16, Ez-LevellerII, Nadir Adaptor, for pole R1/R10 with RD4 Rotator, Quick Mount Mini System, Arca style Quick Release System ( depends on your tripod ).

    Tripod depends on your decision. If you like to load heavy equipment on top of the pole, to prevent breaking of pole you need a tripod being able to use the new tripod adaptor. I have just seen pics. It will be out soon. This will ask a center column on the tripod with a screw mount at the lower end of the column: Manfrotto 055ProB, some Gitzos, but I have to get one to give more serious advice.

    So now you see why this is one of the not so easy to answer questions. This is my personal response to your question, I own what I am talking about and have tested this equipment to be able to give basic comments. I know some people level without EZ-Leveller II, but specially using NN Nadir Adaptor for me this is a must.

    Knowing about your panohead/Pole decisions, I can give further recommends of tripods I use for my different solutions.

    Feel free to ask.

    Life is not easy, depends on your own decisions and preferences. But living in US, you are close to the center. Chat, mail, or call "US NN headquarter" to check out the different solutions and possibilities to test the equipment. Check the Home page for connections.

    A lot of ways to reach Rome.

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    we will be announcing a new affordable model soon. :-)


    We listen. We try harder.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nick fan View Post
    we will be announcing a new affordable model soon. :-)

    Tomorrow actually - if you have not opted in for emails in the forum, or newsletter from our e-store, you should do so now for very first notice.
    AOL users take note: You may not receive newsletter due to AOL restrictions - some members have reported our newsletter as spam and as a result we've been blacklisted from sending email to most AOL users.
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    Hi Bill and Nick,

    That's a good start into spring. Looking forward to see it.

    And thx for going on and on to get things up to date.

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    Henz - Wow, thanks for all of the great information! As far as the NN5 vs new Modular, you reference compatibility going forward if I buy a "big boy lens." Are you referring to using a longer lens for a gigapixel application or something similar? If I was going to start doing some gigapixels, would you recommend going ahead with the new Mod system? Also, as far as pole selection, I have read where some of the poles can extend to 20-30 feet. Ideally, I would like to get that high with the poles securely mounted to a stable tripod. My application for this would be something like panos of a golf course where you can get somewhat of a bird's eye view instead of just ground level. Is this possible with the R1/R10 with RD4 Rotator combo you recommended?

    Bill/Nick - I am registered to receive notifications but did not get an email with a new product announcement. Can you possibly somehow re-send or private message it to me? Thanks!

    - Louis G

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