I have never used Ring Mount panoheads like R1 and I have 2 simple questions.

1. What design is better: NN R1 + NN Ring Clamps or NN R1 + nodal rail + FAS double clamp + camera L-plate (or standart plate if 8mm fisheye and fullframe body)?
As I think,
- NN Ring Clamps pros: weight, size, wind stability
- NN Ring Clamps contra: weight loading on a lens and bayonet will exceed the rated, less universal design (1 ring clamp - 1 lens only)
But I don't have opinion about weight of these factors. Is R1 rigid enough to use a nodal rail?

2. What is R1 Stop Plate? How to use it? Is it an additional option or the required part of panohead?
as an example http://store.nodalninja.com/products...0-4-stops.html
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