mounting camera to nn5?
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Thread: mounting camera to nn5?


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  1. mounting camera to nn5?


    how is the camera mounted to the nn5? Once it's mounted and you have your settings so everything is calibrated correctly, then you remove the camera to use it for other stuff. When you come back and re-mount it, do you need to re-calibrate all over again? Do is it set up for the camera to always mount is the exact or close enough to exact position?

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    Once you have found the correct NPP for your camera and lens slide the rail stop until it is up against the camera plate and tighten it down. When you remount your camera put it back so that the camera plate is against the rail stop.
    There is no need to re-calibrate it as long as you are using the same camera and lens and focal length. If you change any of these you will need to re-calibrate for the different camera, lens and/or focal length.
    If you change the camera you will also need to adjust the lower rail setting.


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    If you change from normal NN5 CP-2 camera plate to a quick release system or different camera plates, you have to re calibrate the lower rail setting.

    For the rest, no problem. I have remounted different camera lens combinations hundreds of times without the need of recalibration.


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