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    Hi all.
    I recently purchased a NN5 for my pentax K10 and started to get a few good shots using a Sigma 10-20mm lens.
    I now use a Pentax K5 and a 10-20mm and a Pentax FA*28-70mm at 28mm. I normally only do 2 rows of up to 10 shots to get the desired coverage.I find I can get the stitching ok and worked out how to set up the NN5 .
    The problem is with the K5 using either lens I am getting poor image quality and not very sharp at all.Also a lot of variation in exposure. The K10 were great shots but dissapointed with the K5 results.
    It may be jus t acase of me not knowing what I am doing and not a good work flow, maybe someone can look at what I do and comment on my workflow.

    Camera in manual mode.
    2 second shutter delay.
    Manual focus.
    Set exposure to brightest part of scene and lock exposure at that setting.(not at the sun)
    Maintain same shutter and f/stop throughout whole of pano.
    I have tried from f/8 up to f/22 but still not at all too sharp.
    Camera shake is turned off as well.
    White balance set to light conditions.
    I found windy days to create havoc so shot the same scene in no wind conditions.

    My last hope today is that I have got the K10D out of mothballs, reset the K5 back to new settings and do some comparison shots at various settings.
    I have 5 weeks planned for the USA in may and would love to be set up before we get there.
    Any help would be appreciated. I probably should have posted a couple of shots for your review.
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