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  1. Ta Phrom, Cambodia


    Here's a pano I shot in Cambodia recently. This is the Ta Phrom Temple in the Angkor Archeological Park. For the people who have seen the movie, Lara Croft - Tomb Raider this is the temple where most of the tomb scenes were shot.


    Hope you enjoy and, as always comments are welcome.


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    Rob - you did a great job in capturing these images - you need to share some of your other panoramas from the region as well.
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    Very nice Rob :)


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    Could have tidied up the place a bit...

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    It's always nice to see panoramas of far away away places that I will probably never have an opportunity to visit. This one does have some stitching problems though: at the seam to the left of the sun and at the two seams to the right. The nadir needs more care too, to eliminate this rather blatant error:

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    Sorry, didn't have my broom and Ellie wasn't there to tidy up for me...LOL
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    Today is worth two tomorrows.
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    Thanks for your observations. I completely missed those stitchig errors. I could blame it on my 'late night eyes' not working properly but I was probably just careless and not
    paying as much attention to detail as I should have.

    As always your comments and observations are much appreciated.


    Today is worth two tomorrows.
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    Were you wearin' those sunglasses? We used to put marks inside our Huey windscreens to line things up a little, so to speak, the last time I was there... I wonder can you put stitch lines inside those glasses? Lol

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