Switching NN3 from rotator to pole
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Thread: Switching NN3 from rotator to pole


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    I would expect that the black plate is not glued to the top of the rotator. I ordered the set to change NN3 MKII rotator to RD8 / RD16 to test this for forum questions. The plate has a very tight fit to the rotator once it is placed. So I had to remove it with a thin knife being placed in the middle of the black plate and softly bended up on the side of the pins. Then it came loose again.

    I just tested it as Nick recommended, even with the long screw the pole can be fixed with the plate on top of the pole.


    BTW: when you order the QR Mini System, this will add a longer screw than the normal screws which are used to connect the lower rails to the RD 8/16 rotators.
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