FANOTEC Carbon Fiber Pole Series 2 is out
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  1. FANOTEC Carbon Fiber Pole Series 2 is out

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    FANOTEC Carbon Fiber Poles

    The community has been waiting for a portable, easy to use and yet rigid enough pole for making aerial panoramas using typical DSLRs in the market. FANOTEC poles are easy to operate and carry. They can be extended to maximum height in minutes by pushing up and locking each telescoping section. Made of carbon fiber tubes, they are light-weight, portable and are ideal for on-the-go situations and areas not accessible to vehicle mounted units.
    FANOTEC poles are modular in design. Users can start up with a small module and gradually build up the height by stacking it to a larger module. Each module can be used independently (additional parts needed), creating an array of short poles with different stiffness for different applications, such as horizontal pole for cliff panoramas.
    Features and Highlights:
    • Thick cross-layered carbon fiber tubes for maximum rigidity and durability
    • Light weight
    • Compact in size - fit most cars
    • Anti-rotation system maintains rigid azimuth / yaw locking /accuracy
    • support a large range of DSLRs
    • 3/8" stud and 3/8" female receiver for working with other accessories

    FANOTEC Pole Series 2

    Pole Series 2 consists of two units - UPPER and LOWER Units. The two units can be mounted to form a longer single unit pole (adapter included by default).

    The upper units consists of 3 tubes with diameters of 24mm, 28mm and 32mm (.94",1.1" and 1.26").
    Closed length is 116cm (45.7").
    Max extended height is 315cm (124" or 10ft 4").
    The Lower unit consists of 3 tubes with diameters of 36mm, 39.75mm, 43.5mm (1.4", 1.56", 1.7").
    Closed length is 107cm (42.13").Max extended height is 283cm (111.42")
    Combined specs:
    Closed length is 119cm (46.85").
    Max extended height is 592cm (233" or 19ft 5").
    Recommended loading is 2kg (4.4lbs) for all poles at full vertical extension.
    Included Free as introductory offer:
    Free wireless remote ($25 value).
    Free pole rotator or rotator footplate ($50 value).

    Accessories for Poles
    We have made a range of accessories to make pole panoramic photography never so easy before.

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