Hi and congratulations for our (NN users) new forum , I posted this trick in other forums but obviously this is the right place for it.

The trick is how to take stereo panoramas with Nodal Ninja 3 panoramic head. (NN3)

This photo shows a regular use of NN3 for, say, 2D panoramas

if one use the T-adapter of NN3, (designed for mounted some off center tripod mount cameras) to have a 3 cm lateral shift of No Parallax Vertical Axis (NPVA) like in this photo where I marqued with red that 3 cm lateral shift

this become so the "right eye camera" and is used for taking the photos for right eye pano

Now the trick, if one rotate the NN3 with 180 degrees about its upper rotator and with another 180 degrees about its lower rotator the result is shown in this photo

this become so the "left eye camera", the camera is upsided/down but this doesn't matter.

Now the lateral shift of NPVA is 3cm in opposite direction

if one take a pano with right eye camera and then, after that double rotation, a pano with left eye camera, without moving the tripod, the setup acts like two camera setup but using only one at the time and the lower rotator of NN3 acts like "neck" of a panoramic viewer.
The total amount of the lateral shift of NPVA beetween left eye and right eye become so 3+3=6 cm close to human stereo sight.

Even if one uses fisheye lens which can assure a pano from only 3-4 photos, the number of photos must be around 10-12 for each pano to have a distributed parallax and the process of panos is more difficult than the regular panos because of that parallax, but can be done.

To see one of my cross-eye spherical pano made in this way one must use the free DevalVR plugin
www.devalvr.com/install only under Windows for now.

please use the arrow keys for rotating in a particular direction, left SHIFT and left CTRL for zoom in/zoom out.


also some panos in anaglyph format (need 3D cyan-red glasses)


if interest is shown I'd love to discuss about this technique.