Hi people,

I just purchased a NN3 MkII without any accesorie, only NN3, disc stops an CP-2, just to start. Ok, this weekend I tried to find a "Nodal Point" of my lens, Samyang 8mm, Tokina 12-24 and a Nikkor 28-105 macro. The method, laser beam.

The Tokina and Samyang results are very good, only 3mm difference with unofficial tables. But the Nikkor 28-105 I have a problem, with laser method the nodal point a 70mm or 105mm are rear the lens, about 4cm rear. Not good, I try alternative method, near object - far object and relative movement. Always the relative movement is inexistent.

Someone has this combination and configuration for NN3 MkII?

I attach NN3 to a 804RC2 head and all to a Manfrotto 055B pro. Can I have a problem with this?

Thanks in advance.

Fernando Olmeda