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If your final stitch does not have the lower rail in the picture, there is not a problem. I have the lower rail in all my pictures taken on the M1. The final panorama does not have the lower rail visible anywhere.
Hi Dennis. I will get the 55mm clamp and see how much of that is visible, and how much of the rotator shows, if at all, after the clamp change. No equipment is visible in the stitch, but I thought that if your equipment can be seen at extreme angles, the extreme angle is made pointless. I think that holds true but only for equipment seen at the centre bottom, because the sides can be replaced by the centre of the next image. I suspect that once I replace my 65mm lower clamp with a 55mm one, all of the -15 stitched will show only a very small bit of the clamp/rotator.

PS I came across a post of yours where you showed a long rail mounted to tripod for nadir -
It looks so much like my solution. Don't you use it at all any more? Do you prefer the M1 nadir adapter? What about shadows? My rail is quite long, and I like the flexibility of being able to shoot from a greater height if need be. And with PTGui's viewpoint correction, that's not a problem any more.
PPS I've had a good look at the panos on your site, and I really like the Yosemite ones, well done. :) Nice implementation of HDR.

I have done a test pano in my shed, where there is plenty of detail, straight lines and roof structure to test NPP. I got a perfect stitch.
I tried both -7.5 and -15, and both stitched as easily as each other. I slightly prefer -7.5 for this scene, but I would need to use a greater angle for tighter scenes ie next to furniture in a hotel room.

Heinz, the jury's still out on that one. I'll see how things go over the next few weeks with the M1 using -7.5 and -15. My gut feeling says -12 is good and better than -15, but once I reduce the clamp footprint, I might prefer -15 after all. We'll see.

Nick, thanks for such an excellent product, well done.
I don't know if there are others that want less than -15, but please don't worry about it on my account. Thanks for the offer either way. As said above, I'll see how things pan out. Oh yeah, affecting the zenith ~3 degrees isn't ideal, although I could live with it.