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Hi Bill thank you for your help.
Here is what's on my wish list to receive by April 14th or 15th.
1 - Ultimate M1-L PP with partial refund.
1 - Nadir Adapter for the Ultimate M1-L Modular System
1 - Canon 5D-2 camera plate.
1 - R-D8

Do you have all of these items yet?

Roger Berry
* M1-L PP has been shipping to early buyers - you are one of them - assembly required of all pieces (partial reason for the heavy discount).
http://nodalninja.com/Manuals/M1L_Installation_QRG.pdf Once the invoice is adjusted and refund issued you will receive new amended invoice.

* A Nadir Adapter for M1 series is still in development with no date for release yet.

* The camera plate will be universal but we offer free upgrade (another freebie :-) to camera specific plate custom-made for your camera when available - could be months out.

* We have RD8 in stock.