Driving my old Volvo
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  1. Driving my old Volvo


    I just had some fun with my car and the NN5

    click here

    8 shots with an Olympus E-5/Zuiko 8mm on a NN5

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    héhé really nice just two things: bottom of panorama looks to be out of focus, and you should be very careful as I think it's dangerous to drive and shoot panorama in same time

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    Ha, yes Vincèn, it is dangerous.

    But I was only doing 80 (km/h that is, not mph)

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    Thumbs up

    very nice done Karel!

    But you use your cell phone hands-free anyway?

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    You should be looking for a fuel stop! :)
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    Nice car you have! And really great panorama! Very interesting.
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    amazing!!! It looks perfect stitch to me

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