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  1. First horizontal pole test


    I did my first horizontal pole test this weekend.
    Subject is one of my friends in his house

    Click the image to enter the panorama

    C&C welcome

    Olympus E-P1 with MMF-1 adapter and Zuiko 8 mm FE
    Mounted on selfmade pole with the Ultimate R1 head
    8 shots handheld

    Twitter: @360vr_nl
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    I would be interested to see it, but I can not move etc. Mac.

    Little planet makes it interesting to have a look.

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    Hmm, with Safari on the Mac you should get the html5 version (works fine with me).

    Anyway here is the direct link to the Flash version

    Sorry for the inconvenience


    Twitter: @360vr_nl
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    Thx Karel,

    well done. How did your stitch work ? A lot of extra work? And length of pole might be interesting too.

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    Thanks for the compliment, Heinz.

    The pole is 3m long which gave me an overhang of appr. 2.5 m
    There was quite some extra work after the stitching because there were stitching errors as the shots were handheld.
    The 'nadir' patch was easier than I thought it would be though.

    I shot the pano from the right side of the window (standing next to my friend) and the 'nadir' shot from the left side.

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    Awesome view! I have yet to try it on mine. Thanks for sharing.

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