Hi guys!
I've recently purchased the NN3MkII starter package for use with my Canon 550D and 17-40mm lens. I'd like to create a virtual tour of Wellington NZ, so that my friends and family back in the States can get a glimpse of my new home via 360/180 panos! I've been pretty successful so far at creating a few decent spherical panos out doors

My question is this- do I need a T-adaptor to more accurately line up the entrance pupil with my camera/lens combo?

From what I have found here and elsewhere online, and from my own measurements and experience, it would seem that the upper rail setting at 17mm would be 110mm, a bit over the 106 or so max I am currently able to set it at.

So, anyone have any experience with this camera/lens setup, and suggested way around this?

My concern is that shipping a $15 T-Adaptor to NZ will cost close to $150 total! If i had realized, I would have ordered the adaptor with my initial order. I'm very happy with the NN3 and think its a great product, but I'm a little frustrated at the prospect of paying almost the cost of the starter kit for one adaptor!

any help would be truly appreciated :) Thanks!!!!

in the meantime, here are a few panos I've done in Wellington: