This was a fun one to do. This is a horizontal pole panorama taken from the 30th floor (mid way up the East Tower) of the Cosmopolitan Hotel/Resort in Las Vegas on Christmas Day. The winds were cold and moderate so a little swaying was going on (hence the terrible stitch lines). My only regret was that the Bellagio fountains weren't operating at the time.
We were also given 2 nights free accommodations for a future attempt on higher up floors compliments of the Cosmopolitan Vegas.
Always keep the PR resident manager in the loop on shoots.

As usual lots of room for improvement needed and still learning the proper workflow when doing horizontal panoramas. The workflow is quite different from standard pole panoramas.
This was done using D700, Nikkor 10.5mm lens, R1 Ring Clamp pano head and 30ft carbon fiber pole. I had about a 15-20ft extension. This was not a Fanotec carbon fiber pole.
I must add doing horizontal panoramas like this is not for the faint-hearted. Kids do not try this at home.

ps - find my name