My first panorama of 2011
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Thread: My first panorama of 2011

  1. My first panorama of 2011


    Panorama of 315 pictures:

    Zoomify version on my website.
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    I like it. A panorama which proofs that gigapixel panorama can be set up with good picture quality, not to be compared to the quality of some of those 20, 30 gigapixel panos with a lot of noise and insuficient sharpness. What did you use for stitchting, Epic Pano software or Kolor? Did you get a lot of stitching errors you had to get rid of? Btw.: some small ones are left on the dark building in between the towers.

    Was it early in the morning or a weekend? Cause we still have to wait for the band to be playing the instruments.

    Good shot Johan.

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    I used for the first time Kolor (version 2.5 RC). There are a lot of settings in Kolor. Yes i have some stitching errors, i just let the software skip the stitching errors above 10.
    I can not find why i've this dark part(??) between the towers.

    I start making this panorama at 13:35 pm and the last one at 14:15 pm at sunday januari 2th 2011.

    Yes, instuments waiting for the band:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Kind regards,

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    I meant the stitching errors on the window frames for example on the darker building in between the two high towers.

    I am happy with the quality of the pics when zooming in. I feel it is a lot better of what we can see many times in Gigapixel Panoramas. Should be the theme for you when we meet in march.

    You have taken the right place at the right time Johan, once again. Took you 3/4 of an hour. Without bracketing I suppose.

    I am waiting for better weather...

    Kind regards,

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