Swap rotator between NN3 and NN5?
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Thread: Swap rotator between NN3 and NN5?

  1. Swap rotator between NN3 and NN5?


    I have a NN3, and am very happy with it. I recently came into possession of a D700 w/ 14-24/2.8. The upper arm on the NN3 is not quite long enough to set the nodal point on the 14-24.

    Will the RD16 that I already own work with the NN5? Can I buy just the arms (which are still in stock), or do I have to buy a new rotator as well?

    I searched the forum, but wasn't able to find the answer.


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    Resellers are able to buy NNs without rotator. Ask them.


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    Hi Eribc,

    The R-D16 of your NN3 can be reused without any problem on a NN5. You can ask at your local retailer to sell you NN5 without rotator :) You just attach your R-D16 on it and that's it :D


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    Remind your reseller you'll need the adapter kit for the NN5. They should include it anyway for you.


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