I'm trying to set something up for shoot 3D panos.

I have a NN5L RD16 and I'm looking at getting another NN5L NO ROTATOR and two NN5 5L Stand Rotator 5 ring sets.
I also have a two Canon 5D-II and two 70-200mm f/2.8 lenses that I want to try shooting some 3D panos with. Using this lens from 70-200mm I'm not sure what detent rings I would need, that's why I'm looking at getting the 2 sets, one for each NN5 VERTICAL RAIL assembly.

The other thing that I will be doing is custom making a NN5L lower rail where it's a little longer and sticks out on both sides of the R-D16 Rotator. This will allow for 2 cameras, one on each side of the R-D16 Rotator, where the distance between cameras can be adjusted as needed for shooting 3D images.
I think this setup should work for shooting 3D Giga Panos.