I am considering getting the NN3 to use with the D7000, just want to make sure that with the Kirk camera plate attached it will be compatible with the NN3 with the QRC-2 clamp (http://store.nodalninja.com/products...ase-Clamp.html).

Also, I currently have the full frame Nikon 16mm f/2.8 fisheye lens, is there any advantage in considering the Nikon 20mm lens instead? 16mm on DX will be equivalent to 24mm, while 20mm will be 30mm equivalent. Potentially less distortion with the 20mm (30mm) when going through the stitching process maybe? Any thoughts or suggestions as to which is the better option?

I would be interested to find out the various parameters for the D7000 and 16mm/20mm combination as well, if readily available.

Any information or advise would be very much appreciated. Thanks.