Hi, I've just joined the forums and am seeking some advice before spending any money!
I enjoy shooting panorama and at present simply rotate the ballhead to line up each segment. Obviously, this is restricted to single row images. I would like to shoot multi row panos and have been deliberating over the NN5.
I have a Canon 1D MkIII and use 24-105mm, 17mm TS-E and 70-300mm lenses.
Would the NN5 starter package be suitable for my purposes? I don't intend to shoot 360 degree, simply wide vistas.
As I don't want to shoot 'sophisticated' panos would I be right in thinking that I do not need the RD16 rotator?
With the NN5 now discontinued there are some good prices in the UK for the starter package and wondered if this would be a good time to buy or should I wait for its replacement?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
Kind regards,