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  1. Hello and a few questions


    Hi, I've just joined the forums and am seeking some advice before spending any money!
    I enjoy shooting panorama and at present simply rotate the ballhead to line up each segment. Obviously, this is restricted to single row images. I would like to shoot multi row panos and have been deliberating over the NN5.
    I have a Canon 1D MkIII and use 24-105mm, 17mm TS-E and 70-300mm lenses.
    Would the NN5 starter package be suitable for my purposes? I don't intend to shoot 360 degree, simply wide vistas.
    As I don't want to shoot 'sophisticated' panos would I be right in thinking that I do not need the RD16 rotator?
    With the NN5 now discontinued there are some good prices in the UK for the starter package and wondered if this would be a good time to buy or should I wait for its replacement?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.
    Kind regards,
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    Hi Trevor,

    Welcome to the Forum and A Happy New Year.

    I just checked your Big Boy combinations. Heavy and high body. Similar to D3. To use your 24-105 you need 12 stops @zoom 24, 17 8 stops, 70-300 @ 70 32 stops. Standard rotator comes with 2 rings: 10/12 stops and 45/60. This means you can only use your 24-105 lens. Or you have to get other rings in addition.

    To change your detent ring setting to get another number of stops, your have to take the standard rotator apart. Take off camera, take off rotator from lower rail, change detent ring and re set all the things. With RD 16 rotator you just change the detent plunger into another hole and off you go. RD16 will offer you the chance to change number of stops for a new lens without buying new detent rings.

    I would not go for a NN5L without the extra stop lock. I use D3 and I like to use the extra stop to hold the camera in place in -30° to easy see the rail markings to connect the body to the upper rail and it helps the rail to slide in +/- 90° position easily by using the lock.

    I would go for a NN5 RD16 irregular. Of course this is more money, but a ring set is $45, a new RD16 rotator is $199. Prices in Europe differ because of customs, taxes and shipment. There is no ring with 8 stops for your 17mm lens. So you can't use this lens. So in total, to be well equipped for the future this is the cheapest all in solution for me. Wait till the pano virus will pick you up and you like to step on: No problem with this equipment.

    BTW: add the Nadir Adaptor. Helps a lot to take easy Nadir shots. And think about EZ-Leveller II.

    This is my personal experienced advice. Just ask Badders about it, one of the best dealers in Europe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrevorH View Post
    Would the NN5 starter package be suitable for my purposes? I don't intend to shoot 360 degree, simply wide vistas.
    As I don't want to shoot 'sophisticated' panos would I be right in thinking that I do not need the RD16 rotator?
    Hi Trevor,

    As Heinz says, the NN5 starter package has a limited number of detent rings which won't cover all the lenses you have so you will need either additional rings or the R-D16. We actually have both in stock but I have to say if you are planning to use all lenses quite frequently then get the NN5 w/R-D16 as it's so much easier to swap over click stops. Assuming this is within your budget of course.

    The "Factory Irregulars" are still available at a reduced cost so that may help in your decision.

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    Thank you both for your very helpful responses. There's a lot to take in, so I'll need to think about it a lot more!
    A Happy New Year to you both.
    Best wishes,
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