Tutorial "How to batch process hand held pole panoramas"
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  1. Tutorial "How to batch process hand held pole panoramas"


    Hello Forum,

    Stitching a series of pole panoramas can take a long time but if you have a steady hand and take care of your shadow in the images then batch stitching is a real option to save you a lot of time.
    Batch stitching is possible as long as all images are having a large overlap and are having enough details, for this reason I prefer not to use a zenith or nadir patch as these most times requires a manual intervention.

    I wrote a tutorial with screenshots, demo images and PTGui templates to give you a quick start.

    For the tutorial I used one set of images that are part of a small series of handheld and batch processed pole panoramas.
    All panoramas are shot with a Fanotec Series 1 pole, R1 lens ring, R-D4 rotator, footplate, Canon 5D, Tokina 10-17@14.5mm, 6 images around, tilt-15 degree, out of NPP forward shift of the lens 12 mm.
    No post processing on the output is done.

    The tutorial (PDF 1.2 MB - revision 30122010):

    The demo images with templates (ZIP 18 MB):

    The series of batch stitched pole panoramas (batch processed in Pano2VR, Flash + Html/Css3):

    Please feel free to ask or report any issue.

    Happy Batch Stitching Greetings,
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