As part of the pole systems, Fanotec is releasing a light-weight foot plate for using a click-stop rotator at the base of pole.

The foot plate allows Fanotec Rotators (RD4/8/12/16 and forthcoming compact pole rotator) to be attached to the base of pole. It features a spring loaded tilting mechanism for use on uneven ground with a slope up to 30 degrees.

When used with spikes it will grip any rough surfaces such as rocks or concrete surfaces and prevent the rotator from moving. Photographers will no longer need to guess the angle of rotation for each shot. Precise rotation intervals are possible by using a click-stop rotator. This will help expedite the pano taking process.

The spikes are removable and can be stored on the plate when not in use. The base of the foot plate has rubber pads. This allows the foot plate to be used on smooth surfaces or places where spikes are prohibited. Photographers can simply step on the foot plate to prevent it from moving.

The foot plate will have an introductory price of $49.95. It will be available in Jan/Feb 2011.

A sealed, compact, low cost pole rotator is also under development. It will have an introductory offer of $49.95 and will be available in Jan/Feb 2011.

Acknowledgement: This foot plate is based on home-made version of Wim Koornneef, a talented tinkerer and designer.