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What is a "typical multi-row wid angle pano"? Do you mean a cylindrical pano? Perhaps they are more common than I think but in the forums that I frequent, I see very few cylindrical panos. Most are full spheres. The difference in making them is so small -- if you consider setting up -- that a cylindrical seems like a job where you quit just before you finish. I think that any pano head should be designed first to be a spherical pano head. It's easy enough to do cylindrical panos with a spherical head.

many people use stitching to increase the resolution. They may use a 28mm lens to take a shot with fov of a 14mm lens. This way they get much higher resolution.
To make spherical pano, a wide angle converter is likely to be used and a zenith shot may be needed. So there is a lower limit on its vertical headroom.