I'm going to be getting a new ballhead with an Arca-style quick release system. I will continue to use my well-worn NN3, but want to avoid having to take the QR plate off the camera each time. I understand that the QR clamp for the NN3 is not Arca compatible, while the Acra clamp available for the NN5 is not recommended for the NN3. But I also understand that the only reason for this is that the depth of the clamp decreases the amount of available horizontal adjustment on the NN3 bottom rail. Since this adjustment does not vary when the same camera is used, if I could confirm that the horizontal adjustment is still in range for my camera (even allowing for the clamp)...is there any OTHER reason why the Arca clamp would not be advised for the NN3? (For instance, does it fit properly into the top rail of the NN3?)