D300, Samyang 8mm, w/ NN5L
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Thread: D300, Samyang 8mm, w/ NN5L

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    I don't know of tutorials specifically about placing control points. You can find general guidance by displaying the Control Points tab in PTGui and selecting Help->Help for this screen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adamo View Post
    Since NN5 is discontinued I may not be able to buy it later.
    Where can I see tutorial about CP placement for good stitch?
    Do I have to find NPP again, if I attach nadir adapter to my NN5?
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    No, Nadir Adaptor on NN5 will not change the settings. Using NN3, you have to reduce the Lower Rail Setting for 6mm because off an offset with NN3 Vertical Rail.

    Having done your turn around stops, go down to -90° to shoot the first Nadir shot. Then open up the adaptor, and move the tripod aside to the opposite direction. The minimum distance to move is double the distance from Rotation center of the rotator to pivot point of the adaptor (below the screw). Then take the second Nadir shot. On the pics there has to be free space between the 3. tripod leg in first shot and the corner of the adaptor in the second one.

    In PTGui you use the masking function to mask the tripod in the two nadir shots and the go on stitching.

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    I reloaded the D300s map of my fisheye lens comparison map. Samyang 8mm f/3.5. First row 0º, 2nd 5º, 3rd 7.5º, 2x 60º, Zenith, 2x Nadir.

    You can use the orange dots to try to set up a template or play around with these pics. The Nadir is taken with the Nadir Adaptor



    BTW: Download will take it's time cause RAW data is included.

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