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Hi Terry, not sure if I understand you. The column on my Manfrotto 055CLB (about 15 years old) doesn't rotate. It has a triangular cross-section to stop it rotating. I think I'm going to try the Manfrotto 555B leveling column suggested by Heinz. I'll keep the NN5 on that, and my regular 3-way head on the standard column. Thanks for the alternative suggestions, Nick. I'm shooting multi row mosaics of between 10 and 30 shots. Although I don't need a centre frame, and can just cover the scene widely and then pick my centre in PTGui, I prefer (so far!) to previsualize the final stitch and work around a central point.
Yes the CLB is the only one in the range with out a rotating collar. The Collar was introduced so that the column could be use in the horizontal position. this made it necessary for it to also be able to rotate. I would buy a second hand 055Pro B as it would save messing about changing columns. ( The 555b has to be taken apart to fit.)