Whilst awaiting delivery of my NN5/RD16, I've been doing lots of stitching tests with a friend's Manfrotto 303. Only today I discovered that the rotator on the Manfrotto 303 has a clutch mechanism.

This allows the user to align the detents so that a detent can be placed right at the centre of a stitch.

This is a useful feature for me (and something I had been missing, until I figured it out.)

Looking at the NN demo video of the RD16, there doesn't seem to be a clutch facility.

So, assuming there's no clutch on the RD16, what can I add to my set-up that will allow me to position the detents according to the frame I plan to shoot?

I'm already thinking of getting some sort of leveling system, so I'm wondering whether the type of leveling base that uses a ball, will allow for rotation of the head (as well as tilting for leveling)?

Something like this FLM LB30:


Thanks in advance.


p.s. I'm often working in cramped environments, so the simple solution - to rotate the whole tripod - is not always so simple.