I'm currently awaiting delivery of a NN5/RD16. In the meantime I'm testing out stitching with a friend's Manfrotto 303.

My intention is to make high res rectilinear images - no panoramas, or 360VR tours. Software: PTGui Pro.

After testing for a few days I've established a nice workflow for shooting portrait format images. Camera (D700) mounted vertically. Shoot a reference frame (to establish crop) with a 24mm lens. Swap 24mm lens for a 50mm, shoot centre frame, then 8 around - so a grid of 9 images (3x3).

I'd like to use the exact same workflow for shooting landscape format images, but this would require mounting the camera in landscape orientation. I know the NN5 is not intended to be used like this, but could it be adapted in some way? I'm looking at the Kirk L-plate on my D700 - the plate is on the wrong side of the camera for the NN5, but maybe I could mount the camera upside down?

Note - I fully understand that stitched landscape format images can be shot with the camera in it's default vertical position. But I'm curious to see if I can get my workflow identical (3x3 grid) for portrait and landscape images. (Capturing a decent single frame reference image, prior to shooting the stitched components, is important for me - at least whilst I'm learning the intricacies of PTGui.) I also realise that if I can get this working, the NN5 settings will be different for vertical and horizontal camera orientations.