I have just taken a preliminary look at my newly purchased lens ring before mounting it onto my Nikkor 10.5mm 1:2.8 G ED lens. It looks to be a straightforward enough task, but before I proceed I have a couple of questions, please -

1. I seem to remember some time ago seeing a post - on this forum I think - which detailed the correct procedure. However, I can't find it now, so maybe I am mistaken. If it does exist, would someone be so kind as to point me to it, please?

2. On the lens, the gold coloured lettering on the panel which contains the focus setting window is raised such that it is proud of the remainder of the lens barrel by a small amount - looks to be about 0.5mm. I am concerned about the lens ring pressing directly down onto this panel when I tighten the clamp. I am thinking of cutting a strip of thin card to pad out the rest of the barrel to a slightly greater height to prevent this. Any thoughts on this, please?

Kind regards