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    So I've been thinking about buying a multi-row pano setup for a long time, mostly to experiment with gigapixel-type images...I spend a lot of time in places where opportunities for such images abound. The RRS setup is awesome, but quite expensive, and the Gigapan Epic Pro is convenient but also expensive and not so easy to carry...so I've pretty much narrowed my choice down to the NN3mkII or the NN5L (unless NN comes out with the NN5 replacement very soon). I need advice on which to get.

    My camera is a Sony SLT-A33. I have a Zeiss 16-80 and a Minolta 100-400, although I'll probably pick up a Sony 55-200 for panoramas if I find that I want to go longer than 80mm frequently. I want to be able to use the Arca-Swiss clamp, which is why I think I might need the NN5...the A33 is small, but it's still SLR-sized.

    Also, with regard to tripods...I have a Gitzo 1940 now. It should hold the weight of the A33, 16-80, and NN5 with no problem, but do I need to worry about stability? I had been thinking about upgrading to a Gitzo 2940LVL, so I'd have a sturdier tripod AND leveling capability, but I like the size of the 1940 and would rather keep it if I can...
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