7 Laux Ski Resort (France)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Bailey View Post
    It's good to see you pushing your limits with panoramas telling more of a story (don't be afraid to smile). Some of the areas you shooting require fast workflow or you'll get hit by chairs swinging around.
    in fact I stop the chairlift when I shot :D I get the wireless remote of it

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Bailey View Post
    And not sure if you noticed but this thread is receiving a lot of attention
    Thanks didn't notice that in fact :) so it looks I should continue to shoot more will try with new M1 soon

    Quote Originally Posted by hindenhaag View Post
    Think it is time to get you into nikon pro group in france and you should try to publish your work in the Nikon pro magazine as an article of france about panorama photography, D3 14-24mm/f2.8 Might be you could talk about this theme in one of the regional meetings if they are there in France and you would like to do something like this.
    Thanks for suggestion and appreciation of my work For NPS, already tried in past but you have to own 2 "pro" body and I have D3 and D90 (that last one is not considered as pro body !) unless I have bunchs of lenses, it's not accepted

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