I bought a T-II in hopes that it would provide a more consistent alignment of my Panasonic LX3. It doesn't. Here's why.

The length of the camera plus an extension tube and wide angle lens adapter is such that I can't move the camera back far enough on my NN3 so as to put the lens at it's proper no parallax point. I must reverse the T-II so that the attachment point is underneath the extension tube. I have to also do that with the T-30.

The problem is that the bumpers on the T-II then push against the front of the camera which is ok but the distance between the bumpers is not wide enough to allow the extension tube to fit in between.

So I can't use the T-II in it's normal orientation because it doesn't allow the camera to be put at the no parallax point and I cannot reverse the T-II because the distance between the bumpers is not wide enough for the extension tube.

Using the previous T-30 is also a poor choice because the distance from the tripod mounting hole to the optical center line is about 22mm. That makes a fairly long lever arm about which the camera twists because of the weight of the wide angle lens.

Given that large sensor cameras are getting smaller and compact cameras are getting better, I think there should be more thought put toward developing gear that supports effective use of those cameras. The NN3 is a good size -- actually a little big for EVIL's and compacts but it can work if you think through the simple adapters that gives a solid and well aligned support.