I've had reasonable success with sticking my NN5 on a monopod and pivoting around at waist height to get up to around 2.5m.

However this has only worked in decent light and there's no chance of doing HDR stitches.

I'd probably only want to go up to 5m in total but I'd like to try some long exposures (30 secs +) so I'm looking at possibly putting the NN5 on a monopod, then mounted on a rotator on a tripod.

I'm having some trouble finding suitable couplings for sensibly priced kit (Gitzo's pods come with 3/8 female threads for the spikes but they're not cheap and the new NN Pole is too expensive as I only do these for fun.)

Would someone be kind enough to share their experiences and suggestions on doing this on a limited time and money budget?