Hi All,

I've been doing a bit of research on Pano heads and have pretty much settled on the NN5 Starter Package.

I'm using a Nikon D300 with a 16-35 VR lens (or may use my Tokina 12-24mm). The camera currently has a Really Right Stuff mounting plate attached to the bottom. The RRS plate is Arca-Swiss compatible.

I have several questions that I hope someone can assist me with:

1) Since I'm using a cropped DX sensor (sigh, haven't convinced the wife that I "need" the D700 yet) I would like to have the capability of doing multi-row panoramas (but NOT 360 degree panos, more like 120 degrees or so). Will the starter kit allow me to do that?

2) Does the Starter Kit come with an Arca-Swiss clamp so that I can quickly attach my camera to the NN5 arm? Or is this an additional option? If someone could tell me the part number that would be great.

3) I currently have a Feisol Tournament carbon fiber tripod (without a center post for more stability) and one of Markins' larger ball heads using an Arca-Swiss style clamp. Do I need to purchase an additional plate to attach to the bottom of the NN5 head? I see there is an Arca Swiss plate (p/n ARCRP1) that I can get BUT the description says its meant for the bottom of the camera, not the NN5 mount. Or would it simply be wiser to purchase the EZ-Leveler II and remove the ball head when I'm shooting panos? If I have to purchase a RRS MPR-73 plate to work with this setup, it will cost $55 and it may just be worth it to spend the extra $50 and get the EZ-leveler II at that point.

As always, I'm hoping to keep costs down if possible. Thank you for your time.

Regards, Ed