NN5 L and 5.8 Gigapixel from Norway
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Thread: NN5 L and 5.8 Gigapixel from Norway

  1. NN5 L and 5.8 Gigapixel from Norway


    Kristiansand is a city in Southern Norway.

    • 5.8 Gigapixel
    • 165953 x 35283 px
    • 585 pictures
    • NN5 L
    • Canon EOS 40D
    • Canon 100-400/4.5-5.6 L IS USM

    View panorama at:

    See more panoramas from Norway at: http://virtualnorge.com
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    Very nice :) You should just reduce zoom in few steps back in my idea ;)


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    very impressive - well done and thank you for sharing.
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    I like your site design :). How do you control cloud? The clouds are very beautiful.

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