What about a better compact camera plate -- replace T-20 and T-30
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Thread: What about a better compact camera plate -- replace T-20 and T-30


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  1. What about a better compact camera plate -- replace T-20 and T-30


    The T-20 and T-30 camera mounting plate for compacts with offset tripod holes are barely useful. I had to take it off to change the batteries on my old compact (Fuji e900) and could never get it back to perfect alignment. After a while, I gave up trying and just hoped for the best when putting the plate back on. The screw would wobble and shift and the camera would twist on the plate even with the screw so tight I was afraid of stripping the threads.

    A high end compact like a g10/g11/g12 or LX3/LX5 or (gasp) or of the Leica's or one of the Nikons cost as much or more than a good (but used) DSLR.

    So why not produce a series of custom camera mounting plate for a select handful of the high end compacts like the ones I've mentioned to match the quality of the camera and the interest of the photographer that would buy a high end compact?

    The plate would have a counter sunk hole for a screw to hold the plate on the camera that would fit into the existing tripod hole and then another threaded hole that would be used to screw (and perfectly center) the plate onto the tilt arm of an NN3/5 or whatever is going to replace the NN5. You wouldn't need that big knob now used to attach the T-xx plate. It could be much smaller and more flush so that the camera could be moved closer to the tilt pivot if necessary.

    The plate would be as thick as the standard length of tripod screw. It could be made from high density plastic or even soft aluminum and wouldn't even need a cork or composite face for seating the camera. You could make one basic plate and then just position the holes to match the camera the plate was for.

    The reason I'm asking NN to consider this accessory is because the holes would have to be positioned with less than millimeter accuracy. I know NN can do that. I can't

    In addition, there would be a small lip at the back that would snug up against the back of the camera below the LCD -- custom shaped for each camera -- to keep the camera square on the plate and therefore square on the tilt arm.

    Each plate would be for one camera body series and would be shaped in such a way that one could change batteries and/or memory card without taking the plate off the camera.

    But even if the plate had to be taken off one of the camera models, the design of the plate would be such that a much, much better alignment would be easy to achieve when reattaching the plate.

    High end compacts are not going to compete in image quality with a good DSLR for a long time. But they are a nice option for some projects and for non-professionals.

    The plates I suggest here would cost more to design and produce than the T-xx, but once you got a process for design and production, additional plates would cost less and less. And compacts are not going away.

    The RXXX series is not a good option for compacts because fisheye lens adapters don't seem to be very good for compacts. But there are many vendor produced wide angle adapters that are very good. And the NNxx series are more flexible for that kind of lens.

    But the T-xx adapters just sort of make life harder. Please consider my idea for camera matched mounting plates.

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