I just got my Nodal Ninja 3 and am very impressed! For new users out there considering this, its for sure a 2 thumbs up! Its very solidly built, but also light and very compact.

The "rail stops" make it super easy to get set up quick and accurately.

I had been borrowing a Nodal Ninja 3 from a friend to try it out before I bought my own. He got his about a year ago but there where some slight differences..

1) The new one has a different mounting plate for the Camera. The new one is in 2 parts and I like it quite a bit better. It has a right angle "flange" on the plate, that lets you snug it up against the front of your camera. This make sure the plate is mounted straight on the camera.. On my friends unit you had to eyeball this.. Not a biggy but I did mount it a degree or so off once and it made it slightly harder to stitch the shots. They also include 2 different plates one with a smaller flange and one larger.

2) This one I was not so pleased with.... My friends NN3 came with 4 separate detent rings. Each one with a a different stop set up (6 stops 8 stops etc.)

With my NN3 I only get 2 rings, and they have combined multiple stops on one ring, so you get 6 and 8 stops on the same ring..

Not fond of this AT ALL, as with the the old rings dedicated to a stop, you didn't have to worry about the deg at all.. Just rotate to the next click and shoot. Ya Ya, I know , but when your shooting a LOT of panos in a day, (and using bracketed) then it starts to get a little repetitive... Click, click, click, rotate... click click click rotate... I can see it being a lot easier to make a mistake and shoot one set at the wrong angle..

New rings are as follows.
Ring 1 side A = 60deg - 6 stops / 45deg 8 stops
Ring 1 side B = 90deg 4 stops / 120deg 3 stops

Ring 2 side A = 15deg - 24 stops
Ring 2 side B = Nothing? seems a waist. Wouldn'd it have made sense to put something on here? Whats the most common stop count people use?

Any how I would much prefer to get a dedicated ring for each stop... It couldn't have saved them that much on production to got to 2 rings instead of 4...

Any how that's my only disappointment. If any one has a 6 stop ring they never use, please let me know! :-)